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     Update as of Jan. 31st

    • Face masks mandatory always indoors, regardless of social distancing capabilities. 
      • Kids 9 and under and those actively eating in a restaurant are exempt
    • Wirt County High School will follow a two-hour delay schedule on any days we are virtual.  Teachers will be available during their class time following the two-hour delay schedule via video conferences.  Information is being provided in Schoology.
    • The schedule for the week for Wirt County High School will be determined based on Saturday and Wednesday's WVDHHR COVID-19 Map color.  If we are red on Saturday, all instruction will be virtual on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  If we are red on Wednesday, all instruction will be virtual on Thursday and Friday. 
    • If we are learning in person and the map changes back to red, we will be virtual the following day. For example, if we are in-person on Monday map turns red at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, we will be virtual on Tuesday.

    Welcome Back Letter:

    WCHS welcomes you to a school year that will be one for the history books! As the school year starts, I am sure you have several questions regarding safety, schedules, academics, and the list goes on. Please know that the staff at WCHS will do all we can to ensure that your students are safe and continue to learn.

    WCHS is trying to streamline all of the “necessary” forms that must be filled out each year. These forms are necessary for the accountability and safety of our students. These online forms are due no later than September 4, 2020. Click the link above to begin filling out your child's enrollment. 

    All students will be participating in a form of blended learning, virtually. Unlike the end of school last year, all assignments must be completed this year for a grade. Please read the Virtual School Policy to see the student and parent expectations. Students and parents will have access to our new Learning Management System (LMS) Schoology. Schoology will be utilized to share grades, assignments, communications with parents and students, recorded lessons, etc. Schoology can be downloaded as an app on any phone, has an extension that will be installed on all student computers to use if no internet access at home, and is very easy to navigate. If you do not have internet service at home but have cell service, please let the school know so that they can loan you a hotspot to help the students be more successful with Schoology. Parent information will be sent home on the first day your student attends school and video clips will be posted to the WCHS Facebook page. We are excited for this new LMS and cannot wait to share this with you!

    To maximize student learning, our students will be working with a program called Exact Path. This program will help bridge the gap of any skill deficiencies that our students may have, help prepare them for the SAT in the 11th grade, and help our students become Promise eligible. This program will help all of our students regardless if they are planning to go into the military after high school, college, trade school, or straight to the workforce.


    Students who ride buses will enter the building through the doors behind the library. Students who drive, walk, or are dropped off will enter through the side entrance gym door from the parking lot. These students will have their temperatures checked by a staff member before entering the building. Once inside, students will grab breakfast, go to their lockers if needed, and report directly to first period.

    Each classroom has an air purifier that will eliminate germs in the air, hand sanitizer units have been installed in each classroom and throughout the building for student use, teachers are socially distancing student seating, and each desk, seat, and high touch area will be sanitized in between each class.

    Students will still change classes each period. During the class exchange, students are expected to wear face masks. Directional arrows have been put down and teachers and staff will help monitor the hallways to help ensure students are following social distancing protocols. Stairwells have been marked as only up or down to help eliminate passing in the stairwells.

    Lunch time – WCHS will have two lunch periods. There will be NO hot bars or salad bars at this time. Students will eat in the cafeteria, outside behind the library, in the commons area, or in their classrooms so that proper social distancing can be followed. Areas will be disinfected in between each lunch and afterward.

    Supper in the Sack – All students will be provided a hot item along with breakfast, lunch, and snack items for the days not attending school at WCHS. Students are not to eat these items on the bus on the way home due to other students having food allergies and it is against state law.

    End of day – Students who drive, walk, or are in the first bus line will be dismissed first. Once those buses are loaded and pull out, second bus students will be dismissed to help eliminate time in line and to keep our students socially distanced.

    As we begin this journey together, our goal is to keep all students and staff safe and continue to provide quality education. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me by email at ehardbar@k12.wv.us or calling the high school.


    Mrs. Dottie Smith


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