Paint Your Parking Spot Postcard

WCHS Class of 2024 students can now complete the request to paint their senior parking spot!  All requests must be completed by 3:00 p.m. on August 4th.  All information, including your parking spot request form, must also be completed by that date.  


  • August 4th - This registration form AND the parking permit form along with payment must be received by August 4th.
  • August 4th - Designs will be reviewed and approved.  If your design is NOT approved, you will be notified by 3:00 p.m. on August 5th.  If we don't contact you, you can assume your design was approved.
  • UPDATE: Spots must be painted August 7th - 13th.  

How do I paint my spot?

Below are some suggestions and tips for painting your space.

  • Paint: PAINT MUST BE EXTERIOR ALL WEATHER PAINT. This should be a water based paint and not an oil based paint. You will have to buy paint in gallons for the background, so it is suggested you discuss with friends to share your colors. You may want to buy pints for detail colors. If you want a completely solid background, you will need about 1 gallon. Don't forget to bring a paint tray and paint can opener.
  • Talk with Your Friends: If you are using the same colors then you could purchase the paint together and share.
  • Chalk: Use chalk to draw what you want to paint on the solid background color and to trace the any writing. The chalk will wash off. You could also create stencils or print out a picture of my design and freehand draw it.
  • Paint Brushes and Rollers: Make sure you get a lot of paint brushes and rollers and to have at least one for each color that will be used. Use a paint roller for the background and  paint brushes for all the details.
  • Painters Tape: Use the painters tape to outline the spot so you don't paint over the lines or on your neighbors spot. You can use painters tape to outline your design, but keep in mind that it does not stick to the ground well. You must purchase your own painter’s tape.
  • Hula hoop (optional): A hula hoop is a great tool to use if you are having any sort of larger circle incorporated into your design.
  • Broom or Leaf Blower: It is important to clean off your spot before you even start painting it. Use a broom to get all the dirt and debris off the parking spot.
  • Cloths or paper towels: Painting is messy so make sure you have something to wipe your hands on like a cloth or paper towels with a container for water.
  • Towel: It's not too comfortable sitting on the ground for long periods of time so bring a towel to sit on.
  • Paint Roller Extension Pole: This can make it easier to paint the background color.  This is super helpful so you don't have to bend down or sit to paint the majority of the spot.
  • Pop Up Canopy - Several students who have painted their spots in the past suggest bringing a pop up canopy while your painting to help provide shade if it's hot. 

What's Next?

  1. Choose a design and draw it out to make sure that you can do it. This can be about you or showing school spirit. This must be appropriate, follow all school policies, and must be approved by administration before you are allowed to paint.  Designs will be approved/denied by August 9th.  If you are not notified, you can assume your design is approved.
  2. Buy your supplies. Be sure to buy the correct paint. If you are painting the entire spot we recommend at least 1 gallon paint can for a background color. For details we suggest getting pint sized or sample sized paint cans. Make sure you get ample paint brushes and paint rollers along with the paint roller extension.
  3. Clean off your parking spot. Use a broom to clean off your spot and remove all the dirt, leaves, and whatever else is on your spot.
  4. Paint your parking spot. If you are using painter's tape, outline your spot before you start painting. First, paint your base coat using a paint roller. The more paint you have the more solid the background will be. The paint should not take too long to dry. Next, paint on the designs that you want. We suggest drawing them out in chalk before painting. BE SURE TO PAINT YOUR PARKING SPOT NUMBER AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR DESIGN or you can leave an unpainted spot around the existing number.