Scholarship Opportunities

Our Community's Foundation Scholarships (PACF) - More than 170 regional scholarships are listed and only one application is necessary for all you select.  Some are specific to Wirt County.  Seniors will have to uploard transcript, parent's income tax information and the Student Aid (FAFSA) report.  Deadline for this scholarship in TBA.  Apply at

Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation Scholarships (GKVF) - These scholarships will be available Nov. 15, 2021.  This foundation helps students follow their educational dreams and prepare for their future Careers.  TGKVF administers more than 500 funds and over 100 of those are designated for statewide scholarships.  Deadline to apply is Feb. 1, 2022.

Sarah Hennen Memorial Scholarship - Established in 2012, scholarship is designed tobe for an athlete with 2 years minimum participation and must be attending either a 2 year or 4 year institution.  Deadline is TBA.

Mary Ellen Chapman Scholarship Fund:  Applicants must plan to attend and pursue a career in the arts.  Preference will be given to students that plan to major in Arts Education.  The scholarship is non-refundable.  Scholarship amount $1,000.  Additional information and requirements can be found at,  Deadline to apply April 8, 2022.

Wirt County Farm Bureau Scholarship - $500 scholarship to any high school senior who intends to pursue agriculture at the college level.  Deadline TBA.

Little General Stores Scholarship - Deadline is TBA.

OJ Stout Memorialarship - Senior male only; requires FAFSA information, unofficial transcript and 3 reference letters.  Deadline is TBA.

Charles L. & Anna N. Gault Scholarship - Preferably members in good standing of South Parkersburg United Methodist Church or members in good standing of a church of the United Methodist faith situated in either Wood or Wirt Counties; requires a transcript, reference letters and additional information.  Deadline is TBA.

WV Pumpkin Festival Scholarship - (3) $2,000 scholarships will be awarded in WV.  Need 2.5 GPA or financial need, community service & attending a Public WV college.  Deadline TBA.

Roscoe R. Daniell Scholarship - This scholarship is now included in the Our Community's Foundation Scholarships (PACF).  Award ($500) to a graduating senior at WCHS who is planning to attend a post-secondary educational institution.  Deadline is TBA.

Marshall Alumni Scholarship - $1,000 scholarship, deadline to apply is postmarked by March 1, 2022.  

Desk & Derrick Scholarship - seniors planning to attend a 4 year college or university in WV, $1,000 amount.  Deadline to apply TBA.

General Federation of Women's Clubs WV Scholarship:  The recipient of a scholarship shall be a man or woman who is a US Citizen and has resided in WV for at 3 years prior to applying.  Deadline is TBA.

Calhoun Banks Scholarship:  Must attend a public college in WV with special preference given to Glenville State College.  Applicant must be pursuing a business degree.  Special preference will be given to students who plan on residing in central West Virginia.  Scholarship will be awarded on a one-time basis.  Applications have been emailed to Seniors via Schoology & school email accounts.  Deadline to apply is TBA.

WV Wesleyan Scholar Scholarship for current Juniors:  If you live in West Virginia, are between the ages of 16-19, and are enrolled in the 11th grade you could be the winner of a full, four year tutition, fees, room and board scholarship.  Information is on the WV Metro News webiste under WV Scholar.  Deadline to apply is TBA.


Applications and information have been emailed to students or students may receive a copy in the guidance office.  If parents would like information emailed, you may request from Mr. Myers at,

Additional Scholarships will be posted when available.