March 2024 STOM

WCHS is excited to announce our March 2024 Student of the Month nominees and winners. Congratulations to all of our outstanding students who were recognized last month!

Our winners for March are:

  • 9th Grade: Remy Lynch - Remy has such a unique sense of humor and makes life a little more fun just by being himself.

  • 10th Grade: Kaelyn Robinson - Kaelyn is a wonderful young lady who is kind, gentle, and respectful. She is determined and works diligently to become a better person. She is a strong teammate and cares about others.

  • 11th Grade: Megan Cutlip - Megan is such a bright spot in our mornings. She stops by before school starts and visits. Helping other students get ready to face their day with a smile and a caring heart.

  • 12th Grade: Brooke Cross - Brooke is a strong teammate who cares about others. She works hard and diligently attends class. Her friendliness makes her approachable to her peers. She is an amazing student in every environment.

Check out our Facebook page to see all of our nominees from March.