Fingerprinting for Employment


As a result of changes required by the FBI and WV State Police, the process for registering for and completing a fingerprint background check has been updated. Beginning October 1, 2018, as part of IDEMIA’s implementation of the new Universal Enrollment Platform (UEP) and as now required by the FBI and WV State Police, applicants will be assigned  a unique Service Code that must be used when scheduling an appointment. Each Service Code is unique to the Agency, Fingerprint Reason, and Type of Service being requested. Bus drivers will have one specific Service Code, initial licensure through the WVDE will have a different Service Code, and those applicants who need to have a background check within your county for State-only (no FBI) will have a different Service Code. If the applicant uses the incorrect Service Code, not only may the cost be different, but the results will not reach the intended recipient. Those results will not be able to be shared and the applicant will have to complete the fingerprint process again at their own expense.


In order to receive the Service Code for Professional Employment, applicants must submit a licensure/certification application. Applicant may no longer schedule an appointment or complete the background check process until an application is on file with the WVDE. Once the application is entered in our system an email will be generated to the applicant with the Service Code they will need to use to make the appointment. Please keep in mind that IdentoGo Customer Service (Call Center or in their IdentoGo centers) will not provide Service Codes and does not have a list available to allow applicants to choose. This Service Code provides additional control in ensuring that applicants are being fingerprinted for the correct use and Wirt County or WVDE will not receive results in error.


Each Service has a Service Homepage available via direct link, to allow us to send applicants directly to the page associated with their Service and perform all activities directly from this page. The URL for the Homepage can be found at



 Go to and register for finger printing. 

Click “Get Fingerprinted”

Select West Virginia under “Select a Fingerprinting Service by State” and click “Go”

Click on “Digital Fingerprinting”

Our Service code is 228QN5.

Our Facility ID is UEWV00236 or under Wirt County Schools.

Please bring your receipt back to Heather at the Board Office when you are finished.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call Heather at the Board office at 304-275-4279.


The fee for fingerprint processing in under $50 and needs paid on the day you have your fingerprinting done. No cash is accepted. Debit or Credit Cards are preferred. They will also accept checks or money order.